Why Choose Sun Living New Sun Living – designed for you.

Sun Living motorhomes and camper vans are designed just for you. A brand new range of motorhomes and camper vans, making touring holidays and weekends away more convenient and ownership more simple. Innovative new thinking for a new generation of users, where space is transformed and comfort and practicality are assured. 

New Sun Living – made by Adria-Mobil.

Sun Living motorhomes and camper vans are designed and manufactured by Adria-Mobil, one of Europe’s leading recreational vehicle manufacturers since 1965. That’s over fifty years of experience applied to each Sun Living vehicle. Over 580,000 Adria-Mobil manufactured vehicles are testament to the power of this experience.

Adria-Mobil are leading exponents of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) techniques pioneered in the automotive industry. A total quality process driven approach is taken where implementation involves many philosophies from the “lean manufacturing” automotive concept including TQM, JIT and 5S principles. Adria-Mobil’s manufacturing facility is ISO certified for quality and environmental management, covers 150.000 m2 and is located in Novo mesto Slovenia in the heart of Europe.

New Sun Living – exceptional value for money.

Sun Living motorhomes and camper vans are all well-specified, packed with new and exclusive features and all offer exceptional value for money.

Explore New Spaces

Sun Living motorhomes and camper vans offer the best use of space with innovative new thinking on how space is used and how flexible living and storage spaces makes for easier travelling. Explore new spaces with Sun Living.

Explore New Places

Ultimately it’s not what you drive it’s where you go! New Sun Living is so much more than just a new way of travelling, it’s a new way of looking at the world. Explore new places and share them with your friends and family. 

Learn more about the different models at the homepage of Adria and choose your favourite: